Everything’s better with a partner by your side.

At Bass Partners, we offer you the expertise in mortgages, financial planning and insurance to help set you up for the future you want.

A home loan will probably be the largest debt you ever take on, so it should always be tailored to you. But when it’s your first, how do you know what to do? What really is the best deal for you?

Bass Partners’ expert advisers will walk with you every step of the way, from establishing a purchase price and helping you make an offer, right through to settlement and your future re-fixes.

Are you an investor? Then you know you need someone who knows all the tricks and works to your time frame, so you can have the advantage.

Why Bass?

Everything is better with a partner by your side. After years of working with the best of the best, we have learned that they never did it alone and you shouldn’t either.

“Excellent service. Put a lot of things in perspective for my both myself and my wife. Left with great direction now working towards a real dream with a real plan – highly recommended!”

Connor Patrick O’Brien

You deserve the best, and you deserve it for free. We truly believe we are the best at getting the best for our clients, and that it’s our long-term approach to our clients that keeps them coming back.

Bass Partners

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