House Re-Levels & Earthquake Repairs

If you have purchased an “as is where is” property or if you are thinking of repairing your damaged home, we are available to visit your site and carry out a visual site inspection. This provides our team with enough information to generate an obligation-free estimate on re-levelling and repairing your foundation and floors.

Simply contact us. We will arrange the paperwork such as getting a building consent exemption through the Christchurch City Council, depending on the magnitude of work required. A fully repaired home with the necessary documentation means you can now look forward to reinsuring your property.

There are various processes for various foundation types. Two of the common ones are:

  • A typical “B-type” foundation is composed of a concrete perimeter and a suspended timber floor on piles. These can normally be underpinned (lift the house off lifting pads by getting under the concrete foundation and hydraulically lifting the house), or, if the damage is too extreme, we can replace the foundation in part or full. After scrubbing out the internal piles, you will get a flat floor with a stronger foundation.
  • “C type” foundations are made up of a concrete perimeter and a concrete floor. The re-levelling method is similar to a “B-type”, except, the void beneath the slab is filled with a special grout under pressure, achieving a finish to the point of accuracy.

Brewer Builders expertly relevels and repairs foundations in both commercial and residential buildings. We are qualified and have specialised skills in earthquake-damaged properties in Christchurch and Canterbury.


What to Look For?

Key things to look for when identifying foundation issues include:

  • Cracking to the ring foundation.
  • Repaired cracks that have re-cracked.
  • Cracking and separation to concrete floor slabs.
  • Doors and windows sticking.
  • Gutters not working as they used to.
  • Finding non-compliant EQC work to piles.
  • Floors on a slope or hogging in the middle of a room can indicate settling of the foundations.
  • Interior linings still cracking after they have been repaired.
  • Floors that still feel out or are moving even after some piles had been fixed.