07 MAY



To whom it may concern.

This is an unsolicited testimonial for Brewer Builders.

Liam Brewer built 2 houses for us over 2016-7. We would not hesitate to use his services again and we recommend his firm for a quality, competitively priced, stress free experience. Liam has been a pleasure to deal with.


Everything has been built to an excellent standard. (Grant was a builder and thus knew what to look for. ) Liam is energetic, detail focused and takes pride and refreshing enthusiasm in his work. He appears to be genuinely committed to doing a good job and goes out of his way to do so.

If something wasn’t quite right he would fix it – not settling for ‘good enough’ or ‘it’ll do’ and these same standards he applied to his sub- contractors. Examples: driveway contractors left dents in the garage doors- he ensured these were replaced. Also he and his foreman went over the painting with a fine tooth comb leaving stickers for the painters so touch ups could be done to ensure the finish was perfect.

He has preferred to use quality materials and we have appreciated the little touches that have lifted the quality of the finished product- for example the use of hardwood on the exterior stairs. Another example was the use of laminated framing and not skimping on fittings that he has provided.

Clear communication, approachability and availability are things we valued. He was always available or got back to us quickly and listened carefully to anything we had to say.

He set regular meetings and gave freely of his time to ensure we were a hundred per cent happy with what he was doing. In particular we appreciated the way he gave us ample time and warning about choices we had to make- eg choosing paint colours, so this wasn’t a last minute rushed decision on our part- probably eliminating a lot of the stress people often associate with the building experience.

We were impressed with Liam’s organisational skills. While being detail focused he also firmly had the bigger picture in place as well. The project came in on time despite weather and other challenges- eg with the land. Pricing was fair and competitive. We always knew what was happening and his employees were cheerful and respectful also taking pride in their work. His foreman Josh was a particular asset and pleasant and knowledgeable to deal with.

Invariably when building something will go wrong and as prospective clients you will be interested to know what happens in those situations. Liam always faced situations promptly sorting things out fairly ensuring we were happy. We have the impression that building good relationships not only with clients but also with suppliers and subcontractors is very important to Liam and this significantly contributes to the success of the building process.

A couple of examples when things didn’t go as expected:
Liam noticed potential unanticipated issues with the softness of part of the land the drive was to be built on. Liam could have left it as it was but he informed us that there might be issues further down the track with that part of the drive sinking over time and when we chose to get this fixed he spent a great deal of time ringing around sourcing the cheapest best quality fill etc. so we would get the best deal and that the finished product would stand the test of time. We noticed this attention to detail, quality and concern for our expenses time after time.

As we commented before, we would use Liam’s services again for small projects or in building a house and would recommend him to others without hesitation and wish him all the best in the future.

We are very happy customers, more than satisfied with the process and thrilled with the finished product.

Anne & Grant Cochrane

7 Godley Drive