07 NOV



Liam and his team have successfully completed a number of projects for me during the last couple of years. As a director of MMSL I spend a lot of time out of town so I’ve not had the time to supervise repairs and refurbishments of our rental properties. Fortunately, Liam’s project management skills and carpentry craftsmanship have allowed me the freedom to carry on with my own work knowing that the often complex property maintenance projects were in good hands.

Those projects included…

  • Complete house refurbishment including the replacement or alteration of foundations, flooring, walls and roofing.
  • Replacement or refurbishment of kitchens and bathrooms using both new and recovered fittings.
  • Replacing or redesigning decks, fences, paths and driveways.
  • Complete rewiring and re-plumbing.
  • Earthworks including removing trees and replacing underground pipework.
  • Numerous other jobs both large and small.

Due to the satisfying results achieved thus far is our intention to use Brewer Building in our next new building or maintenance project.

Please contact me for further information should you require it.

Dave McCann

Technical Consultant